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How to get the most out of your Mini Session

Mini sessions are a short & sweet, usually themed, quick photo update. They are held on selected dates through out the year. These sessions are ideal for updating portraits regularly, for celebrating milestones and occasions, and they are wonderfully brief for short attention spans, haha! After all these years of doing mini sessions, I have collected some thoughts on how to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for you and your kids!

  1. Book early to avoid disappointment. I generally plan these out far in advance so the images will be ready in time for the occasion (Mother's Day, Christmas etc), so keep an eye out for when bookings open and book it in early!

  2. When booking your spot, choose a happy time of day for your kids, especially if they are younger. If your kids are older, it would be amazing if you could consider booking the later spots, as mornings are generally better for our younger clients!

  3. Have a secondary date in mind (from the listed dates), JUST in case anything goes wrong on the day (sickness, etc).

  4. Make sure everyone is well-fed. No one's smiling when they're hangry! While you may have offered special treats as a bribe for good behaviour, try not to book your session right on or before a meal time, or at least be sure everyone's eaten before you come.

  5. Stay relaxed. While we try to get you in and out quickly so the kids don't get over it, it's completely normal for them to take a few minutes to warm up to me. Usually we're friends in no time! If your little one is a bit shy to start out, don't stress. Stay relaxed, positive and encouraging. Our vibe fuels their vibe! :D Be patient with your little ones while they get used to the situation and to me.

  6. Avoid the phone. While it can be tempting to use technology to capture a little one's attention, it can be tricky to get it off them again. I will use all my other tricks to get the smiles and earn their trust.

  7. Arrive dressed and ready to go. This helps save time during your shooting time. I tend to avoid outfit changes during mini sessions for younger children and babies, and it can upset them and disrupt their happy mood. If you need to get the kids dressed on arrival, aim to arrive a little earlier and ask for the change room.

  8. Have fun! The goal of mini sessions is that they are short and sweet, quick and easy! You will be surprised what we can capture in a short period of time! My camera is very quick, and often those split-second smiles are all I need for a sweet capture.

I always love getting to hang out with families year after year during mini sessions! I look forward to capturing yours!

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