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Christmas Mini Information

~ Wagga Wagga

Please read through this page thoroughly for the information required for your photoshoot, and flick me an email back to say you've read it and agreed :D

The Packages & Backdrops
This year in Wagga we have three backdrops available. If you have booked the PETITE experience, you will come in and choose the one backdrop to shoot with. If you selected the FULL experience, we will be using all three backdrops. If you would like to upgrade to a Full experience, you can do so anytime, just let me know! :)
Scroll down to view a sample of the three sets: Snowy camper, Christmas Cookies, and Santa's Workshop.
Come prepared with your outfit; I will provide the props.

Sensory Friendly
We have a curtain of Christmas lights along the ceiling and Christmas music softly playing for added holiday magic ~ if you or your little ones will find this challenging, please do not hesitate to let me know and I can quiet the place right down for you and make it less sensory overwhelming. We are 100% Neurodiverse friendly in this space. If there anything else you might need, please let me know.


Safety Notice & Studio Etiquette

Upon arrival, please check in using the code at the door, and show your vaccination certificate for all family members 16+.
We have to strictly adhere to COVID rules; please bring only your immediate family being photographed.

If you arrive more than 5 minutes early to your session, I will set up a space to wait just outside the door; please ensure the previous family has exited before entering the reception area.
I will need to clean the props between each session; thank you for your patience!

Face masks are required, though you can take them off for the photos :D
I will be wearing my mask the whole time though.

Please prepare your little ones that, just like real snow, our snowy floor can be slippery when running, so we do not run onto the snow on arrival (it's generally the first thing kids want to do, haha!) We also need to be gentle with the snow floor, to keep it looking fresh and clean for the other boys and girls who will come to visit.

Please note: NO SHOES on the snow.

Shoes are actually totally optional in my studio -  wear your slippers or fancy Christmas socks if you like!
(See example photo below of socks and stockings that look amazing in these photos).

Running in the studio is not allowedas it is a working space with lights, props, floors, etc that need to stay secure and safe. While our space is kid-friendly, we do need to make sure that everyone is careful and gentle with the sets.
Check out my Instagram account for behind the scenes footage of the space!

I like to encourage the kids - we throw the snowballs, not the props! ;)


The Studio
Are you coming from a distance? Don't worry, we have a bathroom here and bottled water available!
We are located at Unit 4, 22 Nagle Street, East Wagga Wagga 2650 - when you come to our gates, you will see a big sign for Dean's Custom Trim on the gate - my sign is next to his. That gate will be open and you can head into the carpark and park anywhere. My studio is down the end with a big Wreath on the door.
If you have any issues finding me, please call the number at the bottom of my email :)

I may not answer right away if I am shooting, but I will call you back!

Sessions are back to back and allow for your short & sweet session plus cleaning time in between sessions. If you are late, we will not be able to extend the shooting time, so we appreciate if you can be as on time as you can! :D

If you or your children are unwell, please be in touch with me as early as possible to reschedule your session.

File Delivery
All photos will be ready within 7 business days, and a gallery will be emailed to you.
Your package inclusions:

Petite Experience:

  • a 10 minute visit & photos in one set of your choice

  • 5 high resolution files of your choosing (you will receive a code to download your chosen 5)

  • Additional images will be available to purchase for $15 each, or you can purchase the entire gallery for $100.

  • Print release to print your images where you like, and print products available to order from your online gallery

Full Experience:

  • up to 20 minute visit & photo session in our Christmas wonderland, with photos taken in each set

  • 10 high resolution files of your choosing (you will be given a code to download your 10) with option to select more

  • Additional images will be available to purchase for $15 each, or you can purchase the entire gallery for $100.

  • Print release to print your images where you like, and print products available to order from your online gallery

  • Santa room digital image included in your gallery.


Christmas Cookies

I have collected the cutest Christmas cookie props over the past year and can't wait for your little ones to enjoy them! Christmas baking is a special tradition in many families ~ and it looks super cute, too!

Snowy Christmas Camper

Ahh we miss out on those Northern Hemisphere white Christmases, but in my studio, you can have one!!
Snow fluff and snowballs to throw; I will add extra special snowy magic in post-editing.


Santa's Workshop

Look at all the letters in Santa's workshop!! He is very busy making toys for the big day! We will have some lovely classic toys here ready for you to play with too, and our rocking horse, or you can put some ornaments on the tree!

See you soon!!

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