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Homeschool D&D Club 2024 - Term 3 & 4 (seven games)

Homeschool D&D Club 2024 - Term 3 & 4 (seven games)


This booking is for Term 3 & 4 of D&D club with Dungeon Master Jared.


Our place, Googong (address provided after booking)


Starting week two of Term 3.

Team One - Saturday morning 11am - 1:30pm

Team Two - Saturday afternoon 2pm-4:30pm

Team Three - Sunday morning 10am - 12:30pm


1. 10th/11th August

2. 24th/25th August

3. 7th/8th September

4. 21st/22nd September

5. 12th/13th October

6. 26th/27th October (come dressed for a Halloween party!)

7. 2nd/3rd November


This is a seven game commitment over the next two school terms. (Unfortunately due to my work schedule, we'll have to miss a few weeks in November/December - but all going well with the teams, hoping we can continue again in January!)

I'll present the playing dates in a little calendar for you.

If you know you'll be absent over 75% of the games with your current commitments, please consider leaving the spot for another player to enjoy.

Players benefit greatly from consistency, with better gameplay and team-building so we'd love you to come for as many as possible.

Of course we understand things happen and illness etc!


Parents please consider the suitability of this event for your child. We ask that children are supervised by an appointed guardian and you are welcome to assist them with the game or relax and watch nearby.

Updates will come via email and by parents chat - please let me know if you are not in the chat and wish to be added, as this can be useful for sharing of info before the games.


Thank you for contributing this small fee to help cover Jared's expenses for running the game for the next two terms.

We will provide everything needed to play - dice, dice trays, player's zipper pouches, snacks, etc - and we can help with setting up new characters as well, if needed.

(Jared helped make some fun AI generated character images for the kids last time, and is happy to do that again if you would like!)

Chat with your friends and decide which team you want to be on! (We might present this as a poll in the group chat so you can see who is which team).

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